Update 2017 -- Prayers, Support and KB Energy Requested!  April is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment again. Prayers are always appreciated. April keeps us updated with a Caring Bridge journal www.Caringbridge.org/visit/aprilroos

Update February 2015:
We spent 2014 fighting cancer again but we are happy to report that April is in remission. A PET scan during the first week of February showed NO evidence of disease. Quarterly checks will continue for at least the first year of being cancer free.

Update November 2013:
​After nearly a year of being cancer free April's Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma returned in October of 2013. Treatment started shortly after finding the recurrence and will include 48 weeks of chemo and a 28 day round of radiation. 

 KB = Kick Butt

The KB Fund

​KB Tough Run​

The KB Fund has been established to provide support to those in our community burdened by a medical crisis, not just cancer. The Annual KB Tough Run is the major fundraising event for the fund. Get more information on the 'EVENT DETAILS' page of this website.​

​In February of 2012 I was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. I was 30 years old, a mom to an 8 week old baby boy and I was hoping this cancer diagnosis was a bad dream. Well, unfortunately it wasn't. My husband Josh and I put our faith in God for my healing and it was time for me to step up and KB.

As I explained in an early Caring Bridge blog post, KB is from my childhood. My dad, who coached many sports teams that my older brother and I played on, was confronted by a mom that thought saying 'Kick Butt' in our team huddle before taking the softball field was inappropriate for young ladies. So, we started saying KB. We took the field ready to kick butt and I was determined to kick cancer's butt. Needless to say, KB spread throughout our small northern Illinois community and the rest is history. KB signs littered yards around the county, the first KB Tough Run & Leisure Hike benefit was held & KB shirts my brother designed were ordered in the hundreds. 

With our faith as an anchor, wrapped in our family's unconditional love and the lifting support of our community I underwent an intense treatment plan at the UW Madison Hospital & Clinics. My treatment included tomotherapy radiation and chemotherapy. Since the end of my treatment in November I have had three PET scans that show no evidence of disease. Now is the time for us to pay it forward! The KB Fund has been established to help others that are finding themselves burdened by a medical crisis. Please help us pay it forward by supporting the KB Fund.

April, Josh & Hayden Roos